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        1. 關于我們


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          廣州集美織造有限公司創辦于1992年,是一家集于設計、生產、銷售一體的多元化經營的企業。公司座落于世界聞名的廣州中大布匹市場 —— 珠江國際紡織城,在全國各地擁有多家銷售網點;工廠位于廣州市白云區江高鎮私企區夏荷路25號之二,配套德國卡爾?邁耶經編機多臺,擁有目前先進的技術和設備。


          Guangzhou Jimei Weaving Co., Ltd. founded in 1992, is a diversified enterprise integrating design, production and marketing into a whole. Located in Zhujiang Internationale Textile City the world famous Guangzhou Zhongda Cloth Market, the company has a number of sales outlets around China. Its factory is located at No. 25-2, Xiahe Road, Private Enterprise Area. Jianggao Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou and equipped with many brand-new Carl Mayer tricot machines and has currently state-of-the-art technologies and equipment.





          Lace fabric is the main product of our corporation, due to the quality of light weight and soft material, it has a art effect of elegant and mysterious. In addition to widely use on women`s clothing accessories, it is also extended to various fields such as home decoration and decorations. The company has advanced lace equipment such as high-speed computer lace machines, computer pressure yarn machines, computer jacquard lace machines. Our lace Company is the subsidiary corporation of our group which is the professional production enterprises integrated of production and processing and sales, we can service directly to the end customer, reduce the intermediate links, has the advantage of direct manufacturer, so that we can enhance enterprise product competitiveness. With innovative business ideas and scale advantages, we accomplish the mission of creating sustained growth for cuslomers, employees, shareholders and the society.

          The lace of Jimei makes women feel more beautiful more elegant, and show more femininity !


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